Ten Retro Cocktails You Should Never Order


My new flatmate moved in a few weeks ago. A fellow cocktail obsessive, he arrived with two proper shakers and a full set of martini glasses, plus a gift to gladden my heart: a copy of The Savoy Cocktail Book. It’s a compilation of 750 recipes from the hotel’s famous American Bar, most of which sound divine. But in amongst them are some absolute horrors. Any takers for one of these? Don’t all rush me at once…

The Booster
4 dashes of Curaçao
One egg white
One glass of brandy

Like Bridget Jones’s blue soup. Only not funny.

The Thunder
1 teaspoon syrup
One egg yolk
One glass of brandy
A sprinkling of cayenne pepper

So named for the ominous rumbling noises your stomach starts to make as you’re drinking it.

The Alaska
3/4 gin
1/4 Yellow Chartreuse

All I can think of is yellow snow.

The Canadian
Juice of 1/4 lemon
1/4 tablespoon powdered sugar
1 liqueur glass of Curaçao
Three dashes of Jamaican rum

Michael Bublé doesn’t seem so bad now, does he?

The Maurice
Dash of absinthe
The juice of 1/4 orange
1/4 Italian vermouth
1/4 French vermouth
1/2 dry gin

I don’t know who Maurice was, but he must have done something terrible.

The Bosom Caresser
One egg yolk
One teaspoon of Grenadine
1/3 Curaçao
2/3 brandy

Actually, this doesn’t sound too awful. But the look on the barman’s face when you asked for it certainly would be.

The Stinger
1/3 White Crème de Menthe
3/4 brandy

Mmm. Colgate.

Stars and Stripes
1/3 Crème de Cassis
1/3 Maraschino
1/3 Green Chartreuse
Pour carefully so that ingredients do not mix.

Can’t imagine this did much for the Special Relationship.

The Hell Cocktail
1/2 Green Crème de Menthe
1/2 cognac

No beating about the bush with this one.

The Favourite
Dash of lemon juice
1/3 apricot brandy
1/3 French vermouth
1/3 dry gin
A sprig of fresh mint

But whose?

Have you ever been brave enough to try any of these? If so, let me know. You might want to get your eyesight tested too.


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